Controversy Over Kano Mosque Death Toll.

THE Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), a Nigerian pro-democracy organisation, accused government of downplaying the recent terror attack in the Kano State.

The suicide bomb attack in a mosque head of the past weekend claimed scores of lives.

“While the Nigerian authorities are trying to down play the figures, mentioning 35, apparently for the purpose of image laundering, independent counts put the figure of the dead between 120 and 200.

These are human beings we are talking about here, innocent men, women and children whose lives have been cut short by evil doers,” TMG Chairman, Ibrahim Zikirullahi, said in a statement.

The group mourned with the affected families, prayed for those injured in the attack and called on Nigerians to fight the terrorists.

“We are taken aback that a group of evil minded elements would have the motivation to continue with such senseless slaughter of other human beings. But knowing that these devils are motivated by hate and pure wickedness, it is our collective duty as Nigerians to take the fight to them. That requires a forthright, sincere and focused leadership,” TMG added.

They also expressed dismay on how the government, whose officials have previously denounced the terror, was handling the war against insurgents.

“It is for this reason we are appalled and dismayed by the lackadaisical and half-hearted approach of the Federal Government to the war against the insurgents. Nothing demonstrates this tardiness more than the recent discharge of the alleged mastermind of the deadly Nyanya Bus Terminus blast of April, Aminu Ogwuche.”

A Federal High Court in Nigeria’s capital Abuja recently struck the case against Ogwuche of on the grounds of “lack of diligent prosecution.”

TMG called on the authorities to live up to their responsibility of protecting lives.
“Anything less is unacceptable to all Nigerians.”


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