Mandela’s South Africa celebrate Neo-Apatheid Rolene Strauss Miss World Victory.

The imperialist west through one of it arms have been trying so hard to hide South Africa’s brutal past inflicted against the country’s black aborigines by the Apartheid government under their watchful eyes, by crowning a white Apartheid and Neo-Apartheid woman as #MissWorld2015.

The aim of this all is to paint South Africa white and claim Southern Africa for Europeans through the back door just as the Arabs claimed northern Africa after exterminating it black population.

Pathetically Some South Africans out of abject ignorance are celebrating Rolene Strauss a white Neo-Apartheid woman after she was crowned as Miss World 2014.

South African president in a statement treacherously and sadly said “We are very proud that ‘our very own’ has earned this prestigious title after months of hard work and dedication”.

*Africans should wake up for Africa belongs strictly to Africans and should regard every European and Arab as an enforced tenant.


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