Sudan Paramilitary Troops Attack North Darfur Villages.

Members of a paramilitary force reportedly attacked two villages near Tabit in North Darfur on Friday afternoon, during which they wounded a number of people, and robbed them of their belongings. In the state’s capital city, the theft of vehicles is on the rise, according to residents.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that a group of Rapid Support Forces (RSF) elements in about 60 vehicles attacked Arasho and Tagrar at noon. The villages are located between Shangil Tobaya and Tabit, south of El Fasher. The witnesses could not confirm whether there were casualties, but they reported that residents were beaten during the attacks.

“People fled into different directions, Shangil Tobaya and Hillet Ahmed in particular.” The sources confirmed that the RSF troops robbed the villagers of their livestock, money, and other properties.

The theft of vehicles in El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, during broad daylight is on the rise, according to residents. They claimed that especially taxis are targeted.

The residents further complained about a water and electricity outage in most parts of the city. Mohamed Kamal El Din Yousif told PALM that heavily armed masked men stole his taxi at gunpoint from the front of his house in Tombasi) District, on Wednesday evening.

He pointed out that during the past week, more than four vehicles were stolen like this, including one that belongs to an organisation. It was stolen in front of the Agra Medical Compound, El Din Yousif reported.

Meanwhile Four men sustained injuries during a road robbery in Central Darfur on Thursday. Pro-government militiamen attacked the men, who were on their way back to Nierteti, from Marwa. Ahmed Mohamed Adam, Mohamed Abaker Osman, Sharaf Ahmed, and Mukhtar Noureldin were beaten heavily, a listener told Radio Dabanga. “As a result, Noureldin got seriously injured. The militiamen, who were riding on camels and horses, robbed the men of SDG1,220 ($211) and some of their properties.”


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