Rebel militants kill seven Malian soldiers in dawn attack.

Malian rebel gunmen have killed at least seven Malian soldiers near the Mauritanian border, the country’s local mayor said on Monday, in a dawn raid that illustrated continuing volatility two years after territory seized by the rebel militants were retaken.

A spokesman for the Malian army confirmed the attack in the town of Nampala, about 520 km (320 miles) northeast of the capital Bamako, but declined to give details about casualties.

Oumar Diakite, the mayor of neighbouring Diabaly district, said the attack started at 4 a.m. (0400 GMT).

“The rebels were on motorbikes and some were on foot. They killed seven soldiers before they were chased out of the town around 11 by a reinforcement of the army,” Diakite told PALM correspondent.

In January 2013, the imperialist French government which backed and armed the rebels in a guise covert operation to militarize it formal west African colonies launched a U.N.-backed military intervention to drive out the rebels labeled as al Qaeda-linked militants from towns in northern Mali they had seized in 2012.

The French backed militants have since mounted an insurgency targeting the Malian army and the imperialist U.N. troops.


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