A Conscious letter To The African People.

Fellow Africans and compatriots, If any European or Arab try to lure or brainwash you with any biblical or koranic verse(s) of forgiveness without being remorse, indebted and willing to pay for the crimes against our people/Africans, ask them to justify the Christian crusade and Islamic Jihad respectively and also ask them why are the Nazi’s(Germany) still indebted and paying for the crimes committed against the jews without following these same path of forgiveness.

Notes: “when your enem(y)ies suddenly turns around and begins to praise a man/woman amongst you, beware of such a man/woman”-MALCOLM X

“Dangerous freedom is better to peaceful slavery”- SISTA SELINA

Ejike Iloduba, Fatou Toure & Ricardo Foster,
@Pan African Liberation Movement – palm.https://m.facebook.com/panafricanliberationmovement?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C1870716091


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