Africans Murdered Fellow Africans Over Charlie Hebdo’s Prophet Mohammed Cartoon In Niger Republic.

Niger Republic government says at least 10 people have been killed in two days of violent protests over a French publication’s cartoon depicting an Arab Prophet, known as Muhammad.

The country’s President Mahamadou Issoufou said that five people died after demonstrations in the capital city of Niamey on Saturday. The victims were inside churches and bars that were set ablaze, he said. The deaths came after at least five people were killed in the town of Zinder on Friday after jumaat prayer services there.

The violence erupted after the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published a new cartoon depicting the Arab Prophet. The issue, published on Wednesday, was the first following a January 7 attack on its headquarters that left 12 dead.

Police fired tear gas at crowds of stone-throwing youths who set fire to at least six churches, numerous bars and looted shops in Niamey on Saturday after authorities banned a meeting called by local Islamic leaders. A police station was attacked and at least two police cars burned.

Police sources said that two charred bodies were found inside a burned church on the outskirts of Niamey, while the body of a woman was found in a bar. She was believed to have been raped and left to strangled, they said.

“They offended our Prophet Muhammad. That’s what we didn’t like,” protester Amadou Abdoul Ouahab cowardly and ignorantly said.

“This is the reason why we have asked Muslims to come, so that we can explain this to them, but the state refused. That’s why we’re angry today, a protester also said with pride.

It will be sadly noted in Niger Republic that there are people and business establishments of Caucasoid foreign nationals but these ignorant Africans opt not to kill or destroy their investments but opt to vent their cowardly and ridiculous anger on fellow country men and women pathetically for Islam and Arabs, a religion that was used in enslaving, maiming and murdering millions of their foreparents many years ago before forcefully and fearfully succumbing to it, just like Christianity though, but Christianity took an indirect approach through policing, economic control and blockage to subdue millions of Africans into it fold.

*These two Euro-arab religions have not only succeeded in enslaving Africans spiritually and physically but has succeeded in destroying the moral fabrics that bind the African society together.

*fellow Africans Wake Up, for Allah and Jesus are your ENEMIES and not SAVIOURS as you were misled to believe, WAKE UP!!!.

*Pan African Liberation Movement – palm uses this medium to pay condolence to the families who lost loves ones in religious riots across the continent especially the recent one in Niger Republic, western Africa. ”