Gunmen kill 2 Europeans and 2 locals in Mali restaurant attack.

Four people, two Europeans and two Malians, have been killed after gunmen raided a restaurant in the capital of Mali, Bamako. Two armed suspects have been arrested.

Armed commandos stormed the “La Terrasse” open air bar in the Hippodrome district of Bamako late Friday night, triggering a shootout in which a French national was murdered.

The attackers continued to fire in the vicinity of the restaurant, killing a Belgian citizen, as well as a police officer and a Malian property caretaker.

A least one more person was reportedly wounded. According to some reports a grenade was also thrown, but failed to explode.

According to witnesses on Twitter, one of the assailants was already sitting in a restaurant before he started shooting. Following the onslaught, an accomplice picked up the man on a motorcycle before disappearing.

Almost two years after a French-led operation pushed Islamic rebels from the north of the country, separatist groups continue to launch attacks in the area. The deployment of a 10,000-strong UN peacekeeping mission is still struggling to contain the violence forcing the regional election in the country to be postponed for the second time.

Following the shooting the US embassy in Mali issued a warning recommending “that any of its staff who are not home go home at this time. Private US citizens are advised to follow the same precaution.”


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