Schoolboy in Namibia invents phone that doesn’t use airtime

A Namibian schoolboy in the country’s
Ohagwena Region has come up with a
sim-less mobile phone that does not
require airtime to make calls.

The Grade 12 learner, Simon Petrus, a
pupil at Abraham Iyambo Senior
Secondary School created the phone
using spares from a phone and television
set, New Era reports.

Complete with a light bulb, fan and
charger socket, the handset functions off
power supplied through a radiator and is
able to make calls to anywhere through
the use of radio frequencies.

The invention, which is made up of a
radio system, is attached to a box and
also allows the user to view one TV
channel on it.

Petrus is reported to have won a gold
medal at national level last year for his
invention of a two-in-one machine that
that works as both a seed drier and

His invention of two years has been
highly sponsored by his unemployed
parents, the schoolboy admitted and he
hopes the invention would be successful
and be able to be carried further.

The development marks the latest in a
series of innovative projects by students
within the southern African nation.

Joshua Nghaamwa, a self-taught
inventor, is reported to have created a
satellite using parts from radios,
cellphones and other electronics, The
Namibian reports.

The satellite, believed to strengthen
internet connectivity, is small enough to
fit in a laptop bag and has a USB port
that allows it to be connected to a
modem, router or cellphone, increasing
internet speed and allows for a better
online experience.

Nghaamwa says he wants to introduce
the device throughout the African
market, so as to boost ICT on the


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