Girl abduction, one of many African forms of marriages

Kupura is one of many African traditional forms of marriages that uses the act of abduction/snatching to marry a girl ripe for marriage, practice in northern Tanzania and central Nigeria by the Rukuba people, though the Rukuba people call the practice “Agba”.

kupura. Is a word used by people from the Sukuma tribe to describe the snatching of girls in broad daylight as they walk to school; this system of marriage downplays the long-term marital tradition of Sukuma people.

In the region of Shinyanga, the practice of kupura is validated but in central Nigeria were the Rukuba people also practice same kind of marriage, have to stop the practice due to the influence of christianity.

In such patriarchal society when a Sukuma man is attracted to a girl he will start asking people where she lives, and what her routine is, once he finds out these details he might wait for her where she frequent or wherever he thinks is the best place to get the girl and then grab her to his house where the boy parent and villagers will welcome them with merriment.

Meanwhile passersby don’t intervene whenever they witness the practice of Kupura.

When a girl disappears in the form of Kupura, her parents will be notify and negotiate the dowry or bride price in cattle as custom and tradition prescribe.


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