Rwanda seeks international help in tracing missing money

Rwanda’s National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA) will be approaching Spanish authorities in assist in tracking down more than a half a million dollars meant for 14 Rwandan Students in Nigeria
that has gone missing reports New Times.

The money meant for the students’ tuition in American University of Nigeria was diverted to a bank account in Spain according to initial investigations. The university has reported that it didn’t receive the money.

When the issue occurred in 2014 it was
immediately reported to the Prosecution and Interpol to get support in investigations.

“It is not an easy work, this is cybercrime, and, in fact, difficult to investigate. You have to pursue, identify the suspects, the process of the crime; and answer questions such as, ‘does that bank exist in Spain’? ‘Who is the owner’?” said NPPA spokesperson Faustin Nkusi

According to the Rwandan authorities, Spanish authorities have shown willingness to corporate in tracing the money.

The tuition for Diaspora students was previously sent to universities or embassies through the central bank.

“Currently, we send the money to the
Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) and it sends it to all the countries where our students study by working with our embassies which deposit the money on the students’ accounts,” REB director-general Ismael Janvier Gasana told The New Times
Fortunately, the students have continued to be helped and got their scholarships as usual despite the incident.


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