Tanzanian Youths train on tailoring as second hand clothes ban set to take effect

The youth in Tanzania are getting
trained in tailoring with the government
set to implement the East African
regional ban on the importation of
second hand clothes and shoes by the
year 2019.

With the aim of saving the local textile
industry in East Africa, regional leaders
agreed to ban used clothes imports.

Tanzania’s Mister of State in the Prime
Minister’s officer in charge of Policy,
Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled Affairs, Jenista Mhagama, confirmed the Tanzanian government move to train the youth with the looming ban two years ahead reports the East African.

“We’re determined to end the
importation of used clothes and shoes by
2018…. We have organised series of
training for young Tanzanians so that they are well-equipped with tailoring skills, and who will be employed in the current clothes-making factories and those which are coming in,” Said Jenista,
adding that the plans coincide with the
East African’s country industrialization

Clothes making factories in Tanzania are
ready to train more than 2,000 youth
annually, with skills in fashion design,
cutting, tailoring and other related skills
according to the Minister. Further adding
that, the youths will get an opportunity
to be employed within the country.

Tanzania’s current cotton production will
be able to sustain the expected industry
growth according to the minister.

According to the report by the East
African, It is estimated that East African
countries, including Tanzania imported
$151 million worth of second-hand
clothing last year, most of which were
collected by charities and recyclers in
Europe and North America.


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