Hundreds Drown In Uganda Due To Alcoholism

In the last three years, over 300 people
have drowned in Uganda due to alcohol
intoxication, to cool down due to hot
temperatures, peer influence, trying to
rescue drowning cattle and curiosity
among other reasons according to
statistics at the police Directorate of Fire
and Emergency Response reports the
Daily Monitor.

“People in the cattle corridors drown
because they usually experience hot
temperatures during the dry season.
This forces them to try swimming
purposely to cool bodies,” Mr Joseph
Mugisa, the directorate’s commander
said on Tuesday.

Kampala Metropolitan area that covers
Uganda’s capital city Kampala, Entebbe
among other areas has the highest
numbers of people drowning from
alcohol intoxication and floods that
usually hit most of the suburbs during
heavy down pour.

“Most of the drowning incidents in
Kampala Metropolitan are due to alcohol.
The victim drowned when they tried
swimming under the influence of alcohol.
Others go swimming because of band
wagon. They want to show they know
and end up being washed away by
waves,” said Mugisa

At least 50 people have so far downed
since the start of this year in beaches,
rivers and lakes.

Some people drown from accidents, like
the most tragic incident where 150
nationals of the Democratic Republic of
Congo drowned in Lake Albert in 2013.

At least 60 were rescued but 90
passengers lost their lives. In July this
year, four students drowned during a
beach party and recently, on Monday,
five members of a family drowned after
their locally made boat capsized.


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