10 years in jail for those caught cheating in exams in Kenya

Kenyan examinations authorities are
insistent on the enforcement of a law
that serves 10 year jail sentence to those
caught cheating in exams report.

New guidelines that are part of reforms
to curb examination scam in the East
African country are offering stiffer
penalty for cheats unlike previous
penalties of just loosing exam results.

With the Kenya Certificate of Secondary
Education (KCSE) examinations set to
kick off in November 7 , the Kenyan
authorities hope to inhibit candidates,
invigilators and examinations
administrators from participating in any

“Any person who gains access to
examination material and knowingly
reveals the contents, whether orally or in
writing, to an unauthorised party,
whether a candidate or not, will be in
violation of Section 27 of the Kenya
National Examination Council (Knec) Act
and the penalty will be imprisonment for
a term not exceeding 10 years, or a fine
not exceeding Sh2 million or both,”

According to the guidelines those caught impersonating legitimate candidates face a two year jail term or a 2 million Kenyan shillings (19768 US dollars) fine,If the imposter is a students, he/she will be barred for three years from sitting for an exam .Those who damage exam material can be fined Sh5 million (9884 US dollars) or be jailed for five years.

Examination candidates who carelessly
expose their examination answer book
will also face punishment.

“Do not leave a sheet of paper you have
written on or your answers in such a
position that another candidate can read
them. You should not give or obtain
unfair assistance, or attempt to do so,
whether by copying or in any other way,
and your work should not show proof of
such unfair assistance,” said Knec acting
CEO Mercy Karogo


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