South Sudan Government Ban Rebel Leader from Politics

South Sudanese government spokesman
Michael Makuei said the government has
slapped a political ban on rebel chief Riek
Machar following his call for arms
resistance against President Salva Kiir.

Makuei told reporters in Juba on Friday
evening that Machar will not be allowed
to talk politics in South Sudan, instead
advising him to seek asylum in a country
of his choice.

He claimed that the government is
working with foreign powers to identify a
country where Machar can live peacefully.

“He is being exiled. He will not be coming back to South Sudan and he will never be allowed to talk politics any longer,” Makuei said.

Machar fled Juba in July after fierce clashes between his forces and those loyal to president Kiir, leading to his ouster as first vice president in a unity government formed in April.

Machar has since declared war on Juba in a bid to topple Kiir’s government, a move condemned by the international


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