Kenyan parents to face harsh penalties for not taking children to school

Kenyan senate has just concluded
debating a bill that proposes to fine
parents slightly more than a 1000 dollars
or face one year in prison for not taking
their children to school by the age of

According to a report by the Standard,
the County Early Childhood Education
Bill seeks to ensure all children access
education so as to discourage parents
and guardians from sending kids to
school immediately they turn three.

Admission fees and entry exams for
joining early childhood education centres
have been removed in the new bill to
allow for easier access to education.
The bill aiming to regulate and restore
order in early learning is looking to
reforming nursery schools which are
bombarded by high fees, unqualified
teachers and unclear education

Nursery school teachers will now be
required to have diplomas from
recognized institutions contrary to
current teachers who are basic
certificate holders and even some school
drop outs. The staff will also be required
to have a certificate of good conduct and
a medical certificate that shows that
they are of sound mind.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC)
which recruits and regulates teachers in
Kenya will also be given the mandate to
instil professionalism in the nurse school
teaching faculty.

“The teaching staff must be registered
by the Teachers Service Commission
(TSC) and recruited as teachers or care
givers by the early childhood education
recruitment committee,” reads the Bill.


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